Why Taking Some Time off Work Is Important

Statistics show that 42 percent of Americans skipped their summer holidays, and 50 percent had less than five days off the whole year. Working too hard without taking a break is harmful and may affect your health, productivity and performance. According to experts, stepping away from daily psychological and physical demands of ordinary life and taking part in calming activities enables you to rest and re-energize.

Here are some top reasons why you should always take some time off.lady and man

For Mental Clarity

Frequently pushing yourself too much forces your brain to resist. This builds up stress, affects your creativity, and in severe cases, it results in mental breakdown. Having at least one day off boosts your clarity, helping you to think faster.

Improves Productivity

faceOnce you begin to feel burnt out, even the easiest of jobs becomes difficult. Frequently taking short breaks within your daily activities enables you to stretch and refresh, which increases your performance. Also, it boosts blood circulation, which improves your alertness.

However much you love your work, doing the same thing every day wears you out. Taking some time out allows you to look at things from a new perspective and refocus your goals. Therefore, you will be amazed by the number of ideas that sprout when you break the monotony for a day or 2.

Enhances Balance

For most people, it is quite tricky to maintain a positive work-life balance. Additionally, overworking reduces your sense of self, and your hobbies and interests fall into the …