The Worst Blunders Not to Make When Storing Guns and Ammunition in Your Home

Being a gun owner, the responsibility to store firearms and ammunition safely is paramount. But even with the best intentions, it’s easy to make fatal mistakes regarding gun storage. This is especially true if you don’t get a gun safe from the Sports Afield Safes collection.

No matter how professional you are, this blog post will guide or at least remind you with common pitfalls and offer expert tips on how to avoid them. Read ahead and be sure to avoid these common errors people make when storing their guns and ammunition – so you can keep your family safe while enjoying your firearm collection.

Feeling Confident Without Proper Training and Education

Feeling confident with your firearm is a good thing, but it can be dangerous if you don’t have proper training and education. Many gun owners make the mistake of assuming they know how to handle their guns simply because they feel comfortable with them.

This confidence can lead to complacency, which in turn leads to accidents. That said, gun owners must take the time and effort to educate themselves about firearms safety and handling techniques. This includes attending classes or courses on firearm safety and practicing safe handling procedures regularly.

Leaving Your Firearms Out in the Open


Leaving your firearms out in the open is an incredibly dangerous mistake many gun owners make. Not only does it increase the risk of theft, but it also puts others in danger. When guns are left out in the open, they …

Tips To Organize A Family Picnic

The whole family will have a blast by going to a picnic during the summer months. A family picnic gives the family quality time to spend together; you can choose to have your meals and play in the park. Organizing a picnic is an easy task as all you need is a few food items, picnic basket, assistance from the family in planning and some mats or blankets to sit on. It is important to have family picnics as they help you to strengthen family bonds. The following are some steps that can guide you in planning picnics.

Select the time to have the picnicpicnic

During the weekends is the best time as most people are not very busy. It is advisable to do it during the summer’s months because those are the month’s many people go for picnics. Ensure you discuss with your family members to come up the date they all will agree to attend. Send invitations to everyone so that they can be able to attend.

The location

Select a location that will work for everyone for instance on the front lawn, rooftops, farmhouse, beaches and the park. Ensure you take into consideration of any family suggestions on selecting a good location.

Choose a menu

Chocolate chip cookies, jelly, and peanut butter, cheese sandwiches and ham, soda and chips are the common foods people carry to picnics. But you can also include healthier fruits like apples, raisins, watermelon, celery and any other fruits. Let your family members …